DRS recognises the importance of compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and embraces Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) in everything that we do. Our vision is to be a respectful and inclusive employer that fosters the mutual trust, respect, welfare and capabilities of all our employees and everyone with whom we interact to ensure everyone is capable of performing at their best. Our proactive approach has been formally recognised by DRS Winning the Top Employer 2019 at the Women in Rail Awards and the DRS Managing Director winning the Institute of Directors Inclusivity Director award for the North West. However, we aspire to continuously improve and have recently introduced a new improvement programme consisting of various leadership, strategy and process changes. This will ensure DRS takes advantage of a diverse workforce in the future.

We want to ensure equality, diversity and fairness in attracting talent that enhances our rail and nuclear industry knowledge and skills through best practice policies that focus on work/life balance, diversity of thought and background, competitive remuneration and individual development.

Our EDI vision and strategy document can be found on our website https://www.directrailservices.com/4.pdf.pdf

Last year we ensured that 98% of all our employees undertook unconscious bias training. This was part of our commitment to our strategy, we don't just want say we are an inclusive employer we want to make it a reality!

We are continually reviewing our approach to ensure we eliminate unconscious bias throughout the recruitment process. To give candidates the confidence that their application will be considered purely on it's content we anonomise applications during shortlisting (no names or personal details disclosed) and all candidates get the the same interview questions with each question being graded on the same scores.

Monitoring diversity is a crucial component of ensuring a successful strategy. It can help us establish the diversity of candidates at the application, shortlisting and appointment stage, as well as the grade and payment of newly appointed candidates. It can provide evidence as to whether or not current recruitment practices are reaching the full spectrum of possible candidates.  Although there is no requirement to complete the diversity questions on the application form your support in helping us achieve our inclusive vision would be much appreciated.

We are pleased to have joined up with EW Inclusive Culture Pledge 2018.The Inclusive Culture Pledge is our public commitment to building a more inclusive workplace culture over the next 12 months.  


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