Train Person - Recruitment Process

The following information is designed to give you an overview of the DRS recruitment process for the Train Person role.

 Stage 1 - Shortlisting

 Shortlisting will take place for all applications – please remember CV’s will not be viewed therefore ensure that you answer all sections on the application


Stage 2 - OPC Online Assessments

 Candidates who are successful at shortlisting will be invited to complete our initial assessments.  These assessments are conducted through the OPC (Occupational Psychology Centre) and are completed online.  The assessment details will be emailed to candidates with a deadline of 1 week for completion.  If you do not complete these within the deadline, your application will no longer be progressed with DRS.


Stage 3 – Industry Psychometric Assessments, Part 1

 Candidates will be notified of whether they have passed the online assessments within two weeks. Successful candidates will then be invited to our assessment days to complete the first stage of the Industry Standard Psychometric Test which consists of:

    • Attention Test - Group Bourdon & Test of Everyday Attention for Occupational Assessment (TEA-Occ)
    • Memory Trainability for Rules and Procedures 1 - TRP1
    • Reasoning Trainability for Rules and Procedures 2 -TRP2
    • Vienna Test - Vigilance, Perception Test & Hand coordination

 The assessment will be conducted by assessors from the OPC and take half a day to complete. Additional time will be required to complete DRS paperwork and identification checks as detailed in the medical and security requirements section of this document. The assessments will be held at a central location, Candidates will be required to arrange and pay for their own travel. As a requirement of the OPC candidates must provide proof of their National Insurance Number. This is in addition to DRS own ID requirements.

It is a mandatory requirement of the role that you hold a full valid driving licence. Please ensure you bring your full licence along to the assessment.

 If you do not have your driving licence on attendance to the DRS assessment centre you will be unable to complete the assessments and your application will longer be progressed with DRS. 

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule

 Please see the driving licence section for details of how to obtain a copy of your driving entitlements and any endorsements

A copy of this should also brought  to your assessment

Stage 4 - Formal Interview

 Candidates will be notified of their assessment results within 1 week of completion. Successful candidates will then be invited to attend a formal interview with the DRS operations training team and a member of the HR team. We expect interviews to last approximately 1 hour with additional time for paperwork to be undertaken.


The formal interview will be based on a questionnaire which you will complete as part of the online assessments. The panel will focus on how you demonstrate your skills and expertise in a number of interpersonal areas which are key to a railway operational role such as Train Person and Train Driver.


Stage 5 – Industry Psychometric Assessments, Part 2

Part 2 of the industry standard psychometric tests will take place at the OPC headquarters in Watford. DRS will arrange travel and if necessary accommodation for candidates. The assessment takes half a day and consists of:

    • Online situation Judgement Exercise
    • Communication - Multimodal Interview (MMI)


Stage 6 - Medical and Security Requirements


Medical, Drug & Alcohol Screening

 All successful candidates will be required to attend for a medical and drug/alcohol screening.  These medicals will take place at our Medical Occupational providers, based at a location closest to you.  Dates, times and exact locations will be agreed and confirmed directly with you. Please see the medial section on this website for more inflammation on medical standards.


 Security Vetting

As part of the DRS recruitment process all successful candidates will be required to undergo security vetting including Nationality, reference and identity checks.  To ensure you meet these requirements you will be required you will be required to provide several forms of Identification. A list of what identification will be accepted can be found in the security checks section of the website. Candidates must bring all identification with them to their stage 1 assessments. 

These documents are required to satisfy DRS’ security regulations, duplicates and photocopies are not acceptable under any circumstances.

 It imperative that all this information is supplied.  Any candidate who cannot supply valid identification documents and employer references are unlikely to be progressed with Direct Rail Services Ltd, as this is an essential requirement of employment.

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